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Past,Present & Future

While the establishment governs the dance scene of yesterday, the present and the future is definitely in the hands of Bas Tichelaar (1978), also known as the Dutch producer and DJ Tommy Pulse.


Expressing himself under various alter ego's such as Virus, R.B.A., Medicine Men, Lazy Jones, Headz Up, Stone Cold and several other names, he has released records for several years now which each one creating an impact nothing short of a sledgehammer blow. The mere foundations of clubs worldwide suffered from the heavy bass and energy that are enclosed in his striking productions. As a fervent partygoer he knows what pleases the public. 

In 1995, the Amsterdam born producer was just seventeen when his first Hardcore record was released by ID&T. It received mayor airtime and soon two releases followed on the legendary Masters of Hardcore label. 

After some time Tommy Pulse's musical taste made a shift and he fired up the R.B.A. project and released several tracks through the record company Purple Eye Entertainment. A video clip was shot with his first CD-single 'No Alternative' and it provided him with several very important performances and pivotal gigs throughout Europe. Tommy Pulse has performed alongside artists like Anastacia, Abba Teens and many others. 

At the time, No Alternative hit every single chart and even reached the billboards in the USA. The track is extremely popular in Holland, and besides performing with the act R.B.A. he also played live as the hardcore act Virus, at gigantic parties like Thunderdome, Hellraiser and Speedrazor. 

Bas Tichelaar was not only active in the Hardcore scene. He kept himself busy with several other projects. Coming into contact again with Ferry Corsten's record company Purple Eye Entertainment ,and delivering several records as a producer and remixer. In addition he also worked as a producer and remixer for Warner Music and Q-Dance, also co-producing for DJ Astrid.  

In 2002 Tommy Pulse started his own highly-acclaimed Hard Trance label called Stealth Industries. In 2003 the 3rd release on this label (Land of the Lost) was released amongst tracks from huge artists such as Dana, Luna, Don Diablo, G&M Project and Marcel Woods on Sensations Black Edition CD. If that wasn't already enough, he also started a company (TP-Works) in which he created and developed soft synth plugins for use with software sequencers, like for example Cubase, Logic and Ableton. 

Bas has almost lost count of the huge flow of releases over the years. As a producer and remixer he impressively earned his merits in the harder scene at a very young age, nowadays he is a huge asset for the Hard Trance scene moving forwards, and with a future focused solely on Tommy Pulse productions, there has never been a better time time to book the Dutch legend to come and rock your event.  

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