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​After a very lengthy hiatus, JTB (aka Jon The Baptist) is back in the studio and currently working on an exciting Live show concept for 2019, and also a new artist album which is nearing completion. Leading the charge in the Hard Trance heyday with a magnitude of releases on labels such as Future Sound Corporation, Sectioned, High Fish, Intolerance and many more. It's a very welcome return as many will agree. 


JTB is already racking up a solid release schedule on Hard Trance Europe via Black Hole Distribution, and winning the support from some of the biggest names on the scene already. 

Having toured the world extensively as a DJ, Jon is working extra hard on his live concept and very much looking forward to rolling it out this Autumn at events of all shapes and sizes. 

For Worldwide bookings: (Commencing November 2019)

Visit JTB’s Website

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